Welcome to the web based photography portfolio and blog of Dylan Rose.

I want to be a force for real good. In other words. I know that there are bad forces, forces that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be the opposite force. I want to be the force which is truly for good.
— John Coltrane

I am sustained by the love of my beautiful wife and amazing daughter. I'm blessed with a supportive family, amazing friends and two rescued pups that are a constant source of hilarity.

I work for Fly Water Travel, an Ashland Oregon based booking agency where we assist fly anglers arrange their dream fishing adventures the world over. I'm fortunate to have a career that sends me to some of the most beautiful fly fishing locations found anywhere in the world and a camera that rides shotgun.

I seem to be ever drawn to life's pursuits that are truly and forever impossible to master. Music, fly fishing and photography have been constant driving forces in my life. All three mediums allow for the ultimate freedom of expression, a deeper more proactive connection to the world around me and the ever challenging, yet never ending pursuit of mastery. I am continually humbled by the challenges these passions present and by the ease with which they continue to inspire, frustrate and deeply fulfill me all at the same time.

Thank you for visiting my site. I welcome your feedback, questions and comments.